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The Veterinary Experts

Since 2005, Animus Veterinary Group has specialized in purchasing neighborhood veterinary hospitals and retaining their unique culture and neighborhood style.

Our Senior Management Team includes respected veterinarians and business leaders with a wealth of experience in veterinary environments and/or multi-site service businesses. Headquartered in Union City, California. 

Animus Veterinary Group is actively seeking new Partnership Opportunities with Qualified Candidates.

Through our unique approach to progressive veterinary consultation, we provide our partners with centralized administrative services, management expertise, and personalized support, training and mentoring to help the business thrive. 
We are looking for different property and building types in various US locations. 
Animus Veterinary Group is a self-advised and self-managed group that owns and sometimes operates veterinary properties.
As veterinarians, we also know that this is much more than a business. For many, this is a calling driven by the desire to care for animals, and we never lose sight of the medical excellence, customer service and human-animal connection that is at the heart of the practice.

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Many times some veterinarians find themselves weighed down by the responsibilities of owning a practice. To much time is spent fumbling over paperwork and other extraneous work instead of doing what made them want to be a veterinarian in the first place.


Other veterinarians are merely looking for an exit strategy. A mortgage, sense of responsibility to your staff, and a financial future are heavy burdens for those looking to retire. 

Animus Veterinary Group may be the answer to your concerns. We can provide solutions to doctors who are looking to sell their practice/real estate or to those who simply wish to take a step back. 

Why should I consider Aniums Veterinary Group? Looking to lessen your responsibility of your practice Looking to get out from under a mortgage Practice without the worry.
Retire worry-free.


We believe in trying to prevent a medical condition before it becomes a problem. Preventive medicine can save your companion from sickness, unwanted behavior, surgery and euthanasia. We offer education and services for all stages of your pet's life. Whether it is vaccinations, behavior, or medical issues, our goal is to offer education and preventive diagnostics to help your pet live a long and happy life.

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Pipetting Samples


-In-House Laboratory



Ultrasound is an advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technique that is painless and non-invasive. We use this diagnostic tool to obtain information about the internal organs of your pet using sound waves. A computer image is generated that helps us to evaluate the internal structure of organs and can show abnormal lesions.

-Radiographs (X-Rays) 

In medicine, as they are immediately viewable on a computer monitor. The clear, detailed images can be manipulated to get a better view of your pet's bones and internal organs leading to a faster and more accurate diagnosis. If your pet's condition is critical or warrants a referral, we have many excellent specialty veterinarians to whom we can refer you and your pet including dermatologists, dentists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, oncologists, neurologists, and internists.


Our highly skilled and experienced veterinarians perform many types of surgeries including but not limited to: spays and neuters, mass removals, ear hematomas, and wound and abscess repairs.

Veterinarian with Dog
Wet Kiss


Dental health is as important to our companion animals as it is to us. Many animals can suffer from loss of appetite and other complications from tartar and gingivitis, and this condition can progress to periodontal disease. We offer dental chews, toothpaste, and toothbrushes for our pets as a means of prevention. If your pet should develop any dental problems, our practice is fully equipped to provide dental prophylaxis, dental radiographs, and tooth extraction.


We will provide your dog or cat with a safe and comfortable atmosphere.We offer day and night boarding 365 days a year for both dogs and cats.

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Let us know more about your practice and we will get back to you.

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You will receive a phone call within 48 hours.

Animus Veterinary Group will buy the real estate from practice owners with options for leasing or exit for the Veterinarians. 
If we find that our group and your practice are a suitable match then we will reach a mutual acquisition payment that will be in cash. 

The entire process is done as quickly as possible. We look forward to partnering with you.

  • How do I contact Animus Vet Group to sell my practice?
    To contact Animus about selling your practice, please fill out the form here to request more information.
  • How long until I hear back?
    You will receive a phone call within 48 hours.
  • Who does Animus Vet Group buy from?
    Animus Veterinary Group will buy the real estate from practice owners with options for leasing or exit for the Veterinarians. If we find that our group and your practice are a suitable match then we will reach a mutual acquisition payment that will be in cash.
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